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Few things are more rewarding than helping others make their dreams come true. Ultimately, it’s the reason that Career Solutions exists and why David looks forward to the start of each day.

"David knew that I wasn't just looking for a job, I wanted a career where I could truly express myself. He helped me find the courage to choose what was right for me."

David, 3rd year university student

"You really helped us talk about our family situations and life expectations, our goals and plans. I would recommend you to anyone wanting some professional guidance when it comes to school and life. You are definitely the best."

Yvonne, MBA student

"Half of getting to where you want to go in life involves simply dreaming it up. The other half is the practical work: devising a concrete plan and amassing relevant experience ….. David has a gift for both halves and ever since he guided my application to medical school a couple of decades ago, I keep checking in with him every time I'm making a move in my career."

Dr. Richard Heinzl,
Founder, Doctors Without Borders Canada.

"I would just like to thank you for all of this extra support that you have provided; I really appreciate your help. The time with you has really been a big help as I make these overwhelming choices and I have already been recommending you to my friends."

Angela, Grade 12 student

“David pointed out that most people don’t live up to their true potential because they don’t give themselves the chance to explore what they really want out of life. He helped me understand that measures of success are individual ….. I should find what makes me happy and go for it.”

Heather, 4th year university student

"After the burst of the technology bubble, I found myself in a rebuilding mode. David's support, guidance and mentoring was instrumental and immeasurable in my efforts to reinvent my life and my career."

Chris, 3rd year Social Work student

“Your expert, individualized attention is an asset that distinguishes you from other sources of advice. It made the difference between success and failure, at least for me.”

Neil, Medical Officer