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We will be required to establish and achieve learning goals at various points in our lives to support our success. Continuous learning during our lives is not an option but a basic survival strategy. More than 50% of university students already continue their studies after a first degree.

Competition for admission to post secondary education at all levels has increased dramatically and will intensify as the double cohort moves through the system. The coming crisis in admission to professional and graduate schools will be unprecedented and change people’s lives.

It is essential that we choose schools and programs of study consistent with our interests, abilities, performance and goals. Education requires significant commitments of time, energy and financial resources: the $60,000 education! We need to get it right the first time - our futures depend upon it.

David Lawson has worked closely with thousands of students and their families to help choose the right programs and schools for post-secondary education. He has helped thousands of other students develop personal statements and prepare for admission interviews that are the difference between success and failure in applying to medical, law, teacher education, MBA, dental, rehabilitation sciences and many other professional schools.