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Career Solutions

Work is a vital part of our identity. Discovering work roles consistent with our interests, strengths and values is an urgent quest. Planning and managing our work and learning lives to the best of our ability are key responsibilities and obligations to ourselves and the people we care about.

Decisions about academic or career directions have important implications for the people who make them and for their families. The best plans take into account the ideas, experience and perspectives of all the people who are affected by those decisions. Career and educational planning can and should be collaborative activities that build trust, respect and confidence within families.

There can be some risks involved in making academic or career decisions and changing career or work directions. Risk is an inherent part of life that can be minimized and managed by people who take advantage of the resources and support that can help them succeed. David Lawson has helped people for over 25 years make choices that are right for them and their families.

Feeling passionate and joyful in our work enriches our lives in and outside of the workplace. Career and educational planning can be the source of rewards and failures: its up to us to choose. Everyone can benefit from help with things that matter the most. Knowing this is often the first step to success.