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Career Solutions

We spend more time working than performing any other activity in our life. Our work will determine how we feel about ourselves, how we develop and progress, with whom we spend much of our lives, and our opportunities outside of work.

We don’t work to live. Rather our work should be an integral part of what interests us and makes us happy and should reward the skills and behaviours that define us. We should feel genuine passion for our work. It should bring joy to our lives that we can share with the people who matter to us.

Many people find the process of developing career goals confusing and a bit intimidating. As is so often true, things seem pretty clear and straightforward when you have a guide who’s been there before – thousands of times.

David Lawson will work with you to find the interests, strengths, behaviours and values that are the key to making informed and successful educational and career choices. You will find a path tailor-made for you and develop a concrete plan to achieve your goals. Build a strong foundation and the house will stand for many years.